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By Dr. John N. DeGarmo, Ed.D.
By Lillian Conboy

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Editor's Notes
By Chris Chmielewski
Connecting The Dots Of Human Trafficking From Foster Care with Rhonda Sciortino and Sandie Morgan
By Sandie Morgan, By Rhonda Sciortino
The Diary of a Mad Man with Chris Zollner
By Chris Zollner
Alumni Perspective with Shalita O'Neale
By Shalita O'Neale
Family Finding with Richard Villasana
By Richard Villasana

Last Issue's Highlights

Ashley, a foster youth from Texas, talks about how she was able to pick herself up from a traumatic childhood, get an education and find a career path. She was helped, as some youth are, by local organizations. Doing Good Works, a social enterprise company in Orange County provided an internship and stayed in her life as both mentors and friends.