Please Welcome Ruthi Hanchett

Dear readers:

We have all pivoted, created new ways of accomplishing our goals and attempted to maintain all of our commitments. As we move forward with Connecting the Dots, I want to leverage two parts of my life so I can continue to serve Foster Focus Magazine. I’ve mentioned the Ending Human Trafficking podcast in past columns, but this time, I’m going to offer a podcast as a feature of this column.

In this episode, Vanguard adjunct faculty member , Ruthi Hanchett, and I discuss the problem of social media and fears for the safety of our children. We offer some guidance and finding the truth about risk for human trafficking of children in our community.

Ruthi and Sandie  focus on the role social media has played recently in spreading misinformation about human trafficking. They also go into detail about how the rise in children being online, due to COVID-19, that is exposing them to a greater risk of coming into contact with predators. As mothers, both Sandie and Ruthi list actions parents can take to protect their children from becoming victims to predators.

Key Points

  • The majority of people who are exploited are exploited by someone they know.
  • Ruthi and Sandie discuss the role social media has taken in spreading false information about human trafficking.
  • There has been a rise in predators accessing children online since quarantine began.
  • There are steps a parent can take to protect their children when online.
  • It is our job as a community to protect and look out for the children in our lives