Tina Zwolinski, CEO of Skills-Based Gaming Apps Training Company Skillsgapp, Appointed to Fostering Great Ideas Board

Greenville, South Carolina - Tina Zwolinski, the CEO and co-founder of skillsgapp, the first company in the skills-based training sector to offer customized gaming apps focused on helping Generation Z gain middle skills for manufacturing and other technical industries, has been appointed to the Fostering Great Ideas board. Fostering Great Ideas is a national non-profit devoted to improving the life of youth who are in the foster care system. The organization is "the entrepreneurial complement to the current DSS system of care," according to founder and CEO David White. FGI works to help children recognize their own dignity, build relationships, and engage the community through more than a dozen programs, including Sib-Link, which connects siblings in different foster families; Life Support, which provides mentors to teenaged foster children to help them prepare for life out of foster care; and Speak Up, a program that lobbies for necessary changes in laws and policies.

"We are pleased to have Tina serving on our board," said White, "and her insights on  branding, identity, and messaging are very valuable for us. She has spent her career helping brands and industries reach various youth audiences with the right messages, using the right tools. More importantly, Tina has spent a lifetime serving youth through many community service organizations in Peru, Africa, Jamaica, and closer to home, on the board of a charter school and a children's home. It's obvious that she has a heart -- and a mind -- for children and teens in need."

"Fostering Great Ideas is changing the foster care experience for young people," said Tina Zwolinski. "Through David and the wonderful staff and so many committed volunteers, FGI is applying business principles and a passion for service to helping children and teens in very difficult situations. I'm thrilled to be a part of that mission and to help where I am able. There's also so much for me to learn -- from the youth, from the volunteers, and from the board."

Zwolinski is a winner of Greenville's Best & Brightest award, a graduate of Leadership Greenville's Class 37, and has previously served stints on the board of Langston Charter Middle School. Tina Zwolinski is also the founder and CEO of ZWO, a South Carolina-based branding & marketing firm that implements cause, community, customer experience, influencer, and word of mouth marketing -- particularly using digital and social media -- for companies in diverse industries.

To find out more about skillsgapp's gamified skills training through apps and other virtual and augmented training tools, skills-based branding programs, in-school toolkits, rural mobile outreach and much more, visit http://www.skillsgapp.com or contact us at 864.469.9340. With offices in Greenville, SC and Laguna Beach, CA, ZWO is a branding & marketing firm that engages brands and consumers in remarkable ways. The ZWO team works to transform markets and customers into communities of thoughtful, involved, passionate advocates for our clients and their brands. To connect with Tina, reach out at https://www.linkedin.com/in/tinazwolinski