Dr. Sue Cornbluth

Dr. Sue Cornbluth received the award of Who’s Who Among Teachers and Educators in 2007 and 2009. Dr. Sue is an expert in foster care and child abuse. She is the National Foster Care/ Adoption
Expert on http://www.examiner.com where she writes weekly articles on child abuse and parenting. She is also the author of the training manual "The Ambiguous Foster Child: Attachment, Separation, Loss and Loyalty." The manual is based on Dr. Sue's years of research and clinical work with foster children.  Dr. Sue believes that every child and foster child deserves to have a life filled with the happiness and success they deserve!

Dr. Sue is a trainer for foster parents and child welfare professionals at the Pennsylvania Council of Children, Youth and Family Services, which provides training to the Southeast Region of Pennsylvania.  Dr. Sue strives to make positive changes within the foster care system one child at a time. She has counseled numerous abused and neglected foster children and has trained youth professionals on how to work effectively with foster children. Dr. Sue is dedicated to giving child welfare professionals, teachers, parents, and foster parents the tools they need to empower themselves and their children.  She has appeared on numerous television and radio shows in the Philadelphia area and across the country. 

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