What Foster Care Feels Like Photo Gallery

During Social Worker Month I thought it might be beneficial to tell social workers what foster care felt like to help give them even more tools to do their jobs effectively. What followed was a flood of foster care alumni descriptions of what foster care felt like for them.

These are not descriptions that warrant sadness. These are descriptions from doctors, lawyers, advocates, parents, foster parents and social workers whose uniting quality is time spent in care. These are success stories. These are not the people that need looked after or are in need of your sympathies. Those people are going to find their way out of the system soon enough.

These are alerts. These descriptions are a call to action. A call to advocate. A call to protect those who are in foster care right now. These descriptions are tools for a social worker. They are advocate ammunition. They are hope.

I asked my foster care alum family, my brothers and sisters in care, to tell the world what foster care feels like. I asked them to let the world in on the secret. I asked them to bare themselves for the sake of the kids in the system.

Here is the result. I appreciate the participants who showed their bravery and growth since care.

Foster Kids


Foster Parents