Miss Georgia Puts Foster Care on the Center Stage

Miss Georgia 2019 Victoria Hill is dedicated to Flipping the Script on Foster Care.

In June of 2019, Victoria won the title of Miss Georgia 2019 and will be competing for Miss America 2020 on December 19th which will be televised on NBC.  Competing against others from across the nation, Victoria wants to bring awareness to a cause that is near to her heart; helping children in foster care.

Victoria is the oldest of five children and a senior Vocal Performance major at Reinhardt University. Miss Hill has won many awards the past years, including 1st place winner in the Schmidt Vocal Competition, a 1st place winner in the Prestigious George Shirley Vocal competition, and the 2017 National NATS 1st place winner for Classical Music in her age division. Also, just recently she won 2nd place in the nation in musical theater for college women.   Yet, it is her dedication for helping others in foster care that is most important.

Miss Georgia regularly volunteers her time at the North Georgia Angel House which is a residential home for girls in foster care.  The home houses girls between the ages of 12-21, and Victoria has found great joy in volunteering there, and serving as a role model and mentor.  Indeed, her role as a mentor has led her to encouraging others to do the same, as well.

“For the past two years, I have volunteered by starting a mentorship program, called WINGS (Women In Need Growing Stronger). These girls need someone to mentor them, to love the, to care for them and to help meet their needs.  I try to help them in these areas as much as I can.”

Victoria has arranged and performed in several fundraisers over the years. While still in high school, she produced a concert which raised over $2,000 for her and her family to travel to Guatemala to work alongside doctors in remote villages. She arranged and performed in several concerts which raised over $6,000 for children in foster care.

Victoria did not set out to be crowned Miss Georgia, nor to compete in the Miss America competition. 

“It started about a year ago, in 2018, when I was singing and performing at a local fund raiser for Cancer Research,” said Victoria.  “Afterwards, some ladies came up to me, and began to talk with me.  As they were leaving, they said I needed to compete in the Miss America organization. I thanked them for their kind words and for the suggestion.  Later, when I got into the car with my mother, I told her about the conversation I had with the two ladies, and what they had encouraged me to do.  Laughing, I told my mom two words, ‘No Way!’ This was so far outside of my comfort zone, and I just didn’t feel that I could ever do such a thing.  A few weeks later, I received an email from these ladies informing me that the talent winner at Miss Cobb County would receive $400. I decided that it would be foolish of me not to at least try to win that talent award since it only required me to sing for 90 seconds. At the time, I was going to Reinhardt University, in the northern part of Georgia, where I was working on a bachelor’s degree in Vocal Performance.  

I entered Miss Cobb County and amazingly, on the night of the competition, I not only won the $400 talent award, but also the title of Miss Cobb County and along with it, $10,700 in scholarship earnings! I was completely shocked and honored to win this incredible title and all that comes with it!

When my year as Miss Georgia is over, I plan on returning to Reinhardt to finish my bachelor’s degree, pursue my master’s degree, and then I hope to have a career in opera, perhaps move to Germany and perform there. One of the aspects about the Miss America program that is extremely important to me is the focus on community service. Each young lady competing for the title of Miss America has a different social issue that she believes is important and needs to be advocated for, both in our state and across the nation.  For me, it was natural to focus upon foster care. Two of my uncles were adopted out of the foster care system, and I cannot imagine my life without them! My love for my precious uncles and my work at the North Georgia Angel House are two of the main reasons why my desire is to Flip the Script on foster care across our state and nation!”

“The Miss Georgia competition was in June of 2019.  When I was chosen to represent my state, I was very surprised,“ said Victoria. “I was humbled, and so very thankful.  In the book of James in the Bible, we are encouraged to serve widows and orphans and that has always been and continues to be very important to our family. This is my chief goal as I spend my year as Miss Georgia.”

Since becoming Miss Georgia, Victoria has been working relentlessly to bring awareness to the needs in foster care with her social initiative: Flip the Script on Foster Care.

With Flip the Script on Foster Care, Victoria has three main goals she wishes to accomplish during her year as Miss Georgia, and possibly as Miss America.  These include:

 1) Raising awareness of the great needs in the foster care system,

2) Engaging businesses and organizations to see the role they can play in meeting these needs understanding that you don’t need to foster in order to help children in the foster care system, and

3) Encouraging mentorship for young people aging out of foster care.

“I don't want this year to be about me,” said Victoria. “I will have many years to focus on my career. I want this year to be completely focused on children in foster care and how we all can serve them. I want to use this stage to advocate for children in foster care above all else.”

Victoria truly believes that WE ALL have a role we can play. Have you found yours? For booking information please contact missgaappearances@gmail.com