Loren Michaels Harris

Loren Michaels Harris, a Motivational Speaker and recording artist resides in Naperville, Illinois.  Loren shares his story of having survived 5 years within the Michigan foster care system after his adopted mother unexpectedly passed away when Loren was only 10 years old. Over the next 5 years, Loren experienced in total 22 mothers if one were to include his birth and adoptive mothers.  Loren feels that by sharing his story he not only has been able to heal many of the wounds relating to his own low self-esteem and the shame of foster care, but in turn...the wounds of other survivors as well.  Today Loren shares his stories with audiences across America, striving to uplift, motivate, and inspire wherever he is invited.  Loren's first single from his album "No Fences" is currently available on Amazon.com, itunes, and cdbaby, and a portion of the proceeds are to benefit The Orlando Victims Fund.  To learn more about what is going on in the life of Loren Michaels Harris, please visit www.lorenmichaelsharris.com 

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