Kevin Y. Brown

Born into the world with drugs in his system, Kevin Y. Brown, started very early in life overcoming obstacles. Due to his mother’s drug addiction, he was placed into the notorious California foster care system at the young age of 9 months where he remained until he emancipated at 18. Primarily raised in one of Northern California’s worst neighborhoods, Kevin had to decide what kind of man he was going to grow up to be early on.

Progressively learning his potential through the eyes of mentors and peers Kevin started to understand himself and the experience he wanted others to have when they were around him. Finding his Brand Within has led Kevin to join the 3% of foster care children who graduate college as well as being a college athlete, on air-host for MTV networks and being a Fashion Marketer at Parish Nation clothing company in New York City.

Today Kevin is the president of Legacy Thinking Labs a leading public speaking and consulting firm located in New York City, which specializes in helping companies, students and professionals identify their personal brand in order to increase productivity, self esteem and positive momentum towards their goals.

Kevin is also the author of “10 Ways Anyone Can Graduate College DEBT-FREE: A Guide to Post College FREEDOM” a comprehensive guide that shares the strategies that led him to have zero college debt and a positive college experience. He has spoken across the nation to thousands of students, professionals, parents, and policy leaders live. Whether presenting to students or the staff who motivate them Kevin is sure to bring clarity to inspire and create measurable goals to maximize potential and resources

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