Spreading the Laughter

Just For Laughs Comedy Fundraiser Adds Another City

NEW YORK, NY. – Foster the Laughs, a nonprofit organization created to help benefit the Foster Care Community, has announced this year’s show locations, adding a new city to the lineup for comedy fundraisers.

The 501c3 nonprofit that was inspired by laughter, will repeat their New York City and Los Angeles shows, adding Chicago to list of cities whose Foster Care Communities will benefit. The comedy fundraisers spotlight up-and-coming comedians who share a fresh new take on comedy and the new modern family; all while raising money to provide equipment and supplies to foster care facilities in the local areas.

Meg Schaab , founder of the organization and comedian herself, created this organization pairing her two passions, comedy and helping children in need. “I truly believe comedy breaks down barriers and can open people’s minds to other avenues of love and support outside of their traditional family and communities, Schaab said. “In the social climate we are living in today, laughter is our most powerful form of unity.”

Schaab is excited to bring the comedy fundraiser to the Midwest. Originally from Cleveland, she spent time in Chicago performing with The Improv Olympic (I.O.) and Second City before moving to Los Angeles and New York City where she has performed in film, television and theater. The newly added Chicago show will take place on June 14 with New York City and Los Angeles shows to follow later in the year. In the meantime, Schaab is staying busy with her acting and comedy career, having just wrapped filming of an upcoming episode of Tyler Perry’s The Have and Have Nots and premiering Season 6 of her You Tube series Drivers Meg .

For more information on Foster the Laughs and Meg Schaab, please visit www.FosterTheLaughs.com ,or contact Meg directly at fosterthelaughs@gmail.com .

About Foster the Laughs

What started as a way to support foster care children in 2016, Foster the Laughs became a nonprofit in May 2018 to raise money and supplies for Foster Care Communities. Recognized as a 501c3 organization in August 2018, the organization has shared laughter from its inception in Los Angeles; now providing support to areas of LA, NYC and now, in 2019, Chicago.

For more information about Foster the Laughs and Meg Schaab, please visit any of F.T.L.’s social media accounts @FosterTheLaughs or www.megschaab.com . For learn more about the organization or contact Meg Schaab email fosterthelaughs@gmail.com .