Pageant Winner Turned Advocate

Shelby Patrice Jenkins stands as an advocate for adoption on several platforms. Serving as Miss Texas US International 2016, Shelby has used her voice to reach the adoption community while leaving a great impact during her journey. Shelby also holds the title as brand ambassador of a movement for a great cause by partnering with non profit organization, Adoption-Share. Adoption is Beautiful is a movement organized and owned by Adoption-Share. The movement’s mission is to focus on the positive impacts of stories that different members of the adoption community share. During Shelby’s time as brand ambassador for Adoption is Beautiful, she has been able to celebrate family values and binds within the adoption community through a partnership with the producers of Warner Bros. film, Storks.

At 19 months old, Shelby Patrice Jenkins was adopted in the city of Miami, where she was raised and left a major impression on her city. In relation to November being adoption month, November 1, 2016 has been proclaimed as “Shelby P. Jenkins Day” by the mayor of Miami. Shelby has been constantly sharing her accomplishments with her hometown since leaving the city for college as she is now alumna of the class of 2012 at Kentucky State University. During her college years, Shelby really started to elevate her audience by using her experiences and platforms such as the title of Miss Black Kentucky to reach the adoption community.

Motivating others to follow their dreams and not be afraid to share their adoption story is a major goal of the Shelby Patrice brand which follows the past achievements by Shelby. She danced for three years at her alma mater, KSU and upon graduation started Shelby’s Stars of Fine Arts. The dance school allowed kids to exercise their love of fine arts in dance, cheer, acting and singing. With years of dance experience as well as band experience, this platform is a true representation of what Shelby Patrice stands for.

Involvement as a public figure for adoption and empowerment throughout the community are constant keys to Shelby Patrice. A perfume line is in the works next for Shelby with proceeds from the line benefitting a chosen adoption organization. College campus tours speaking to students on adoption awareness and sharing her story are to come in the future also. Foster care adoption rates are a major focus for Shelby as the upcoming adventures for her brand are in hopes to increase awareness of raising the rates of foster kids being adopted into families.