A Magical Experience

Could One Magical Moment with adult adoptee Chris Rankin unlock doors to healing trauma?

It’s not often that foster or adoptive youth and their families have the chance to participate in live public events, with the same ease as other familial groups. Foster/Adoptive families face additional obstacles that must be unlocked in order to open the door to these opportunities due to the numerous complexities that come along with being a foster/adoptive family. Possessing the wizardry to aid in such endeavors, “Transfiguring Adoption” based in Orlando Florida, conjured One Magical Moment at “LeakyCon 10” alongside of Harry Potter actor and adult adoptee: Chris Rankin of the U.K, with aim to nurture family bonding!

During the 2nd weekend of October, “LeakyCon” returned home to Boston MA for its 10-year anniversary, bringing with it some additional magic for local foster and adoptive families from the Boston area!

Adopted as an infant, actor Chris Rankin is a celebrity endorser of “Transfiguring Adoption” and was a special guest at the event, where he met with foster and adoptive youth connected with the Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE). The youth were encouraged to “cast a spell” and unlock some insight and inspiration from a role model, with a relatable background to their own, while creating a new shared experience with their siblings and caregivers! After this special event concluded, the “LeakyCon 10” convention staff graciously made it possible for each of the foster and adoptive youth and chaperones to have access to the convention for the rest of the day!

Breaking down barriers by means of positive interactions and forming healthy relationships is essential to healing through trauma. “Transfiguring Adoption” has coordinated “One Magical Moment” to provide a way for children to bond with their siblings and caregivers. Strongly valuing the importance of family bonding and believing that media is powerful, has led “Transfiguring Adoption” to offer subscription plans for Media Reviews and Bonding Guides. This convenient tool is yet one more online resource made available to foster and adoptive parents, by the non-profit to ensure the growth and success of our children.

For youth whose prospects are statistically daunting, this opportunity to be empowered in a social environment that provides a sense of normalcy will be unforgettable! “LeakyCon 10” will be a truly magical event for foster and adoptive families to fondly look back upon and feel loved.

“I’m not usually one to talk openly about a lot of things; I like to keep my private life relatively personal. Having said that, I’m starting to realize that there are things that have happened in my life, that if I tell you about them, if I put those words out there, then maybe they can help or reassure someone…” Actor/Adult Adoptee-Chris Rankin

Since “Transfiguring Adoption” is based in Orlando FL, we reached-out to our friends at: “The Adoption Option” Project based in Methuen, MA, and they graciously agreed to co-coordinate the special event. The Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange of Newton MA. also assisted.

“Transfiguring Adoption” is an 501c3 non-profit organization based in Orlando, Florida, dedicated to helping nurture and grow foster/adoptive families by giving a “HOOT” about their caregivers, across the country. Their website contains a variety of online resources as well as tools designed to help families bond and to benefit children who are trauma affected as a part of the foster care and adoption system. The organization also provides foster/adoptive parents a place to ask questions, share tips, and give encouragement in addition to focusing on subject appropriate topics every Monday night for a Caregiver’s check-in via the Facebook group Foster & Adoptive Parent Check –In – Hosted by Transfiguring Adoption.