Gift of Time

I forgot to get you all a gift last month. Can you believe that? The nerve.

I’ve got no money, so it can’t be tangible.

I know, I’ll go the deep route. I’m giving you the gift of time.

This will be the shortest Editor’s Notes in the seven years I’ve had this magazine. And maybe the shortest to read as an issue. This is my gift. A quick stay in Foster Focusville with plenty of time to plan your Valentine’s Day festivities.

This month marks two big deal days for me. Since I’m not much of a bragger, this will all be quick.

I’ve only had three real dreams in my whole life. You’re reading one of them. I’m married to another. And I’m about to check the third one off the list in just a couple weeks.

Foster Focus was a dream I’ve lived for the last seven years. Thanks for that.

I wanted to have a happy life. Trisha, the patron saint of Foster Focus, has given me joy, a family and the room to chase any dream that pops into my dimwitted brain. It’s almost never easy. It’s almost never a cash windfall. It’s always amusing. She’s always supportive. That family she gave me is far more than I’d hoped for or deserve. I’m not sappy enough to burden you with my deep gratitude and romantic sentiment that comes with this marriage. A marriage that will celebrate a 15th Anniversary on February 16th.

How lucky a dude am I?

The last dream has been semi-fulfilled. I’ve always wanted one thing above all others; I want to make people laugh. It’s the greatest feeling in the world to make someone who isn’t expecting to laugh fall over with gut busting laughter. I hear it’s good when they expect to laugh too.

The hours of stand-up comedy I’ve seen numbers in the thousands. Each hour followed by my daydreams to be where they were.

I touch my dream on occasion when I do the rare public speaking appearance. But it isn’t the whole experience of stand-up, it’s just a taste. I’ve learned I can make rooms of people who like or respect me laugh. Can I do it to people who don’t know me?

I’m going to find out on Valentine’s Day.

I’ve been invited by a Comedian who was once featured in the pages of this magazine. Amaru Lewis, who also directed a foster care filmed named, Annie Was A Liar, invited me to Kalamazoo, Michigan to find out if I’ve got the chops.

Normally, Open Mic Nights are the first stop on a Comedian’s journey. Amaru has made it so that I bypass that torture and make my debut in a show with REAL Comedians!

I’m too nervous about my 3 minute spot to write about it.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Here’s to living the dream!