Faith and Foster Care: How We Impact God's Kingdom

Often referred to as the book that is changing the foster care system, Faith and Foster Care: How We Impact God's Kingdom is Dr. John DeGarmo's newest book.

Becoming a foster parent can be a difficult, life-changing decision that many say they have been called to do by a higher power. Dr. John DeGarmo explores that calling in his newest book, Faith and Foster Care. Himself a Christian, DeGarmo shares his personal call by God to become a foster parent, along with his wife Kelly. In the book, DeGarmo not only shares his personal calling, but also shares the stories of other foster parents called to become foster parents and help children in need. Throughout the pages he weaves scripture with personal stories, identifying a number of ways God has called and continues to use foster parents to heal the wounds of children in foster care. Covering topics beyond the initial calling, DeGarmo also explores other areas of fostering, including the impact on marriage, living a life of faith, dealing with heartbreak and much more.

Filled with personal stories and Scripture, Faith & Foster Care shows how to practically and specifically live out your faith in foster care ministry. An encouraging resource for novice or experienced advocates and parents, specific issues addressed include advice on marriage and foster care, how to love the foster child and birth family, how to pray for your foster child and birth family, and how to let go when they leave. See how your actions have a far-reaching impact when you live out your faith.

 Dr. DeGarmo is a leading expert and consultant in foster care, and a foster parent, himself.