My whole life has been a struggle
You can have the desire to believe
Even your biggest doubt can become a true dream
Anything is possible
But at the same time you can dream big
But you can also have the worst nightmare
Like a bird living in his nest
It has to be treated by his bird parents and taught to fly
But if neither were present
That bird will say and think he’s ready to fly off that nest.
I flew off the nest I called home
But my wings didn’t know how
Therefore I fell off the skies
Some people fall and get right back up
But some fall way too hard and never get up
My wings are broken
My dreams were shattered
I will give my soul and wings time to heal
And Believe that once they’re healed
I will look straight to the skies to a shiny sun.
I will spread my wings and fly like never before.
Believing Is Real.

Editor’s Note: Mr. Kevin Enamorado was presented to me by Mr. David Buseck. Mr. Buseck was Mr. Enamorado’s CASA representative while Kevin was in foster care.

Shortly after his 18th birthday, Kevin was arrested. He is currently awaiting trial. While incarcerated he has been writing.

Anyone who has been in care is welcome on the pages of Foster Focus.

FF will be featuring more of this young man’s work in the future. The hope is, with finding his voice, he may find his way to a better life.