All Good Things Must End Eventually

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I hate when things end. Call it a foster care side effect if you want to, but when things end it drives me bonkers! Seasons, TV shows, movies, meals, it doesn’t matter. If it ends, I hate it. I’m like the only person that doesn’t mind that stupid Lampchops song!

So it was is with a heavy heart that I say good bye to another Foster Focus Columnist.

You couldn’t ask for a more supportive ally than Dr. Kalyani Gopal. From the second year of the magazine until now she has been a staunch and vocal supporter of what Foster Focus and I have been attempting to do; bring foster care news and information to the masses in a way that highlights the good, the bad and the ugly.

Last year Dr. Gopal began to chase down her dream too. Dr. Gopal is passionate about human trafficking. So much so that she put on a conference about the problem. It was held in Chicago at the end of last year, folks who have subscribed for a while will recall her writing about it in a few columns. I was at the SAFE conference and it was a fantastic event. Experts from all areas that come in contact with human trafficking filled the conference rooms. I spoke alongside a mental health professional and a judge from Indiana as we discussed foster care’s roll in the trafficking epidemic. It was a real learning experience, I took away quite a bit from it.

Since the conference the good doctor has continued her advocacy, all the while fulfilling her duties as a Foster Focus columnist. I remember how difficult was to work a day job and do the magazine, the doc was running her practice, working on trafficking issues and writing her monthly column. I can’t watch her keep trying to juggle all these responsibilities, so I’m making the executive decision to set her free.

Volume 4 Issue 12