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Foster Focus is Changing the Game Again!

Foster Focus is moving in a new direction. It means more content, more features and an end to Foster Focus' print version. After 7 years, it's time to move into the digital age. But print won't be left behind entirely.

Foster Focus will continue to be America's Only Monthly Foster Care Magazine, only no more trees will have to suffer...almost no more.

In addition to the 12 digital issues, Foster Focus is introducing 4 Special Print Editions of the magazine. Foster Care Month, Social Worker Month, Adoption Month and a Year in Review issue will be available as of May 2018.

That's 16 quality content issues of Foster Focus!

You can subscribe for the combination Digital/Special Editions. Or you can subscribe to just the Digital or just the Special Editions.

Sure, Foster Focus is going to miss bringing you monthly print versions of the magazine. But the possibilities involved with this new media model are unlimited!

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One kid from care. One goal.

No grants. No financial backer. No angel investor. No charity. No handouts.

Foster Focus Magazine is NOT a nonprofit. It is a business. A business built on the hard work and persistence of a former foster kid set on changing the way foster care is covered.

There are no agendas, no lean. All aspects of a subject are presented, giving the reader a chance to form their own opinion. There is no editorial board or outside influences impacting the content of the magazine. Content is created by those INVOLVED in foster care.

All money generated is EARNED through advertisements and subscriptions.

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