Book Cover

When we meet someone new
We judge their appearance,
But do we ever give the chance to know someone?
To understand the story Behind there appearance,
To just give the time,
To hear, and read between the lines
To open up that book
Not just look at its cover?

There are chapters, Paragraphs, sentences,
That we decide not to read for its appearance of the outside
When in its contents there is interesting lines and amazing stories
Although we will turn it down for its cover
Choosing the book to its left or right
for the appearance.

When we take upon our hands a book with a beautiful appearance
Decide to upon up the book
Turn the pages hoping to find what we believed
Would be appropriate, instead discover foul language
Closing the book.

To give time to open the beat up book
Noticing it is in good condition
With some marks of tares not completely torn
Done after years of abandonment, with no maintenance ever given
Due to no one ever having the interest,
Reading through its contents reaching it ending
Noticing the story you just read was what you expected from the first
Does the cover matter?