Annihilating Self-Doubt

There is a lot that can be said about self-doubt such as we all experience it in some way, shape, or form at some point in our lives. The difference is in our results stems from who allows it to control them and who allows it to fuel their greatness.

Self-doubt is a manifestation of our interpretation of events. Self-doubt is a compilation of thoughts based on our understanding of the situations we experience that then reflect back to us who we see ourselves as. These self-doubt educing thoughts beget additional self-doubt educing thoughts that then cyclically reinforce the premise of our self-doubt. It’s a vicious cycle. These thoughts create emotions that confuse us and ultimately erode our own understanding of ourselves. So what is needed to break the unhealthy cycle of self-doubt? An interruption in our mental and behavioral patterns!

Here are my top four remedies to annihilating self-doubt:

TAKE ACTION, MASSIVE ACTION!! Why, you ask. Because confidence comes from competency and competency by the act of doing. We can academize self-doubt and its bio-psycho-neuro-chemical effects all day long, but until we take action, its antidote cannot begin to work its magic. You cannot edify self-doubt away. You cannot pray it away. You cannot love it away. Yes, these elements can be part of your support system, but the ONLY thing that annihilates self-doubt is ACTION! And a lot of it, CONSISTENTLY. Competency comes through repetition. By sharpening your saw in this way, you gain confidence. You must level up and evolve.

Okay, taking action absolutely is the ultimate answer for overcoming self-doubt but before we jump off the cliff and start taking calculated action, you must do and know a couple of things first. If action is the end-in-mind, you must begin with preparation!

First, you must start in your spirit. You must know who you are in Christ. If you don’t know who you are, who you were created to be, and what God’s Word declares over your life, then no matter what else you do you’ll be doing it from a platform of sand, not solid ground. In time you will most likely sink. The power of self-doubt is not to be looked upon lightly. It’s far stronger than the power of will because your will is ego driven. It has limited strength. Self-doubt, on the other hand, is a virus in your CPU (your mind) that seeps into your physiology to kill, steal, and destroy you and your future! It slowly creeps into your mind and spreads throughout your thoughts and then programs your physiological reactions through the chemicals produced by your brain. The only antidote for this enemy is God’s Word and love, so it behooves you to know who you are in Christ in order to have the armament to fight your formidable opponent. This is an absolute game changer.

Next, you must know how your brain and mind work. You are a spiritual being but you live in a human body. You must understand the difference between your brain and your mind. The journey you take to learn that will absolutely empower you over self-doubt because you’ll learn about the mechanics of your own hardware (your central nervous system) and how it all works together to create and sustain the thing called you. Don’t take any shortcuts. Do your research. Read peer-reviewed neuroscience articles so that your knowledge base is a product of scientific research.

My last suggestion to annihilate self-doubt is to make it your supreme goal to become financially wealthy and giveaway 90% of your wealth. Let me assure you, becoming financially wealthy has a way of annihilating self-doubt, especially when used to help improve and save the lives of others. If you need a reason, permission, or a rationalization as to why becoming wealthy is a good idea, let it be because you realize that life is a game and part of winning the game of life is to be able to advance society in love, peace, security, health, wellness, etc. for future generations, which includes your grandchildren. Become invested in that! What greater purpose can we mere mortals have than to help those who don’t have the resources or knowledge to help themselves? Money is just a tool but with the right tool you can create real change on earth as you simultaneously annihilate your self-doubt.

These four remedies to annihilating self-doubt create a win-win for you, your family, and society. Be Bold, be Great, or just be better tomorrow than you are today. As long as you keep moving toward your greatness, self-doubt will have no choice but to dissipate.