5 Years Connecting the Dots

5 years is a long time to commit to something. Made even more impressive when there is no financial gain to be had. Even more impressive is the giving of yourself and time to something bigger than you. Enter: Rhonda Sciortino and Dr. Sandie Morgan.

Rhonda came into my world first. Rhonda, a former foster kid, vocal advocate and motivational speaker and, when we met, she was insuring child welfare agencies via an insurance agency after successfully launching and running her own child welfare focused insurance firm, reached out to me as I was the newest thing to hit the foster care universe. 

We hit it off right away and before I knew it, I had a new mentor, big sister and friend. She was established, respected and liked what I was doing. What luck!

I am not serious man. This is serious work and I give it the respect and earnestness it deserves. But outside of that?...I’m a laugh a minute. So is Rhonda. My humor has opened many doors that should have remained closed, but no more fun is had than getting Rhonda and I together with a captive audience of any size. Class clown makes good is a story we both share. 

After a year or so of feature stories, Rhonda landed on a subject she wanted to get in front of; human trafficking. She asked if she could make a jump from feature writer to Columnist. Let me explain something; Rhonda rarely asks me for anything, why would she, she’s got everything she could ever want, lady wrote a book called “From Foster Care to Millionaire” for crying out loud. So, when Yoda (I call her that because she is wise and tiny) asks me for something, chances are, she’s getting it. 

Yoda wanted to tackle human trafficking in connection with foster care. I found that to be a novel idea. But she wanted to bring in an expert to share the column, giving it an interesting balance. I found that idea to be a good one as well. Who would she find? 

She found the venerable Dr. Sandie Morgan, whose journey is as compelling as the subject she would cover for Foster Focus for the next 5 years. She began her professional career as a pediatric nurse, but a chance encounter with a young victim of human trafficking, her life changed course. Something switched on inside of her and she would chart a course that would lead her to Vanguard University’s Global Center for Women and Justice, overseeing the Women’s Studies Minor, as well as teaching Family Violence and Human Trafficking and producing the Ending Human Trafficking Podcast. What a leap! And what an addition to the column and the magazine. 

Connecting the Dots between foster care and human trafficking was born. 

Over the last 5 years the duo has covered a myriad of topics pertaining to human trafficking. Grooming, luring, pornography, analyzing who participates in trafficking and many other topics have all been explored by these two respected professionals. 

I have gotten so lucky with this magazine. The idea was to bring together as many people as I could to educate and inform as many people as I could as to what goes on in the world of foster care. Human trafficking is an important topic to me, I got lucky that it was also important to these two dynamos. 

Thanks Yoda. Thanks Doc. Your efforts are invaluable to me and the people read this magazine.