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Some call it a "foster care partnership", others a "sponsorship",  most call it advertising. Whatever you want to call it, an ad in Foster Focus is a great way to promote your event, service, product or agency. It’s also an investment in the future of foster care news and information coverage. And the fact that you are helping a former foster kid give back to the system will make you feel great! In all seriousness, Foster Focus magazine has garnered an immense audience in just a few years and it’s still growing! Be a part of the Foster Focus family today!

Each year nearly 400,000 children are in need of the Foster Care Industry.  Therefore, it can be said that a minimum of 750,000 parents find themselves at a loss for pertinent information about the Industry. It should also be noted that an estimated 15,000 professionals in each state are directly or indirectly involved in the industry as employees that is an additional 750,000 individuals with ties to the industry.  At minimum 1.5 million people are involved in this industry.  At last, there is a national forum where these individuals can be reached directly.  Never before has an advertiser had a direct line to this market.

Consider this; Foster Focus’ target market is the same market that as an advertiser you have never reached directly or
did not even know existed.  Once every ten years or so a new target market is created, Foster Focus opens a new world for
advertisers, like yourself to create a whole new client base of new individuals who have been waiting patiently to be
catered to; now is their moment in the sun.  

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Foster Focus Magazine is NOT a nonprofit. It is a business. A business built on the hard work and persistence of a former foster kid set on changing the way foster care is covered.

There are no agendas, no lean. All aspects of a subject are presented, giving the reader a chance to form their own opinion. There is no editorial board or outside influences impacting the content of the magazine. Content is created by those INVOLVED in foster care.

All money generated is EARNED through advertisements and subscriptions.

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