Foster Focus' Top Twenty Five
Foster Care Movies
Foster Focus’ top 25 with the qoutes or taglines that made them famous. Enjoy

1. Boystown- “There's no such thing in the world as a bad boy”

2. Antwone Fisher-
Antwone Fisher: I never - I never had parents.
Jerome Davenport: That would make you a medical miracle, Seaman Fisher.
Where you from?
Antwone Fisher: I'm from under a rock.

3. Losing Isaiah- “Any animal can give birth. That doesn't make it a mother.”

4. Annie- “The sun’ll come out tomorrow.”

5. The Blind Side-
You're changing that boy's life.
Leigh Anne Touhy: No. He's changing mine.

6. Secondhand Lions-  “I've been to the orphan home before. I don't wanna go back.”

7. White Oleander- “My mother was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She was also the most dangerous.”

8. Martian Child- “I don't want to bring another kid into this world. But how do you argue against loving one that's already here?”

9 Good Will Hunting- “Real loss is only possible when you love something more than you love yourself.”

10. The Kid-  "A comedy with a smile--and perhaps a tear"

11. Juno- “Wait... No! I mean, can't we just, like, kick this old school? Like, I have the baby, put it in a basket and send it your way, like, Moses and the

12. The Shipping News- “ You all know... we are only passing by. We walk over these stones a few times.”

13. Cider House Rules- “ You know, you're one of the best, Curly, and we wouldn't let just anyone take you.”

14. Angels in the Outfield- “ You can't go through life thinking everyone you meet will one day let you down.”

15. Problem Child- “I hope you guys are insured.”

16. I Am Sam- “I worry if they take Lucy away from her father they will take away an enormous piece of her, and I worry that she will spend the rest of her
life trying to fill that hole.”

17. Madea’s Family Reunion- “Mable Simmons, since you can't seem to act like you have any sense except when you're caring for somebody, meet Nikki
Grady. You're her new foster mother.”

18. The Hurricane- “ It's very important to transcend to places that hold us.”

19. The Truman Show- “ If his was more than just a vague ambition, if he was absolutely determined to discover the truth, there's no way we could prevent

20. Kramer vs. Kramer- “ How much courage does it take to walk out on your kid?”

21. Sleepers- “I just wish I could shut my eyes, and not see the places I've been..”

22. Mommie Dearest- “They were thoughtless, selfish, spoiled children - now they won't wake you up when you need your rest.”

23. Free Willy- “ Don't forget me, okay? I won't forget you.”

24. The Tie that Binds- Janie's been adopted by the perfect couple. With their help she can find a new life. If her real parents don't find her first.

25. Jane Eyre-  “Remember, the shadows are just as important as the light.”
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