FF Publishing

Foster Focus is expanding its mission to empower and uplift voices from the foster care and adoption community by launching a dedicated publishing company. This new endeavor is designed to provide authors with the support and resources they need to transform their unique stories, experiences, and insights into published works that can inspire, educate, and resonate with a broader audience.

Our publishing company is committed to:

  1. Fostering Empowerment: We believe that every story from the foster care and adoption community deserves to be heard. Our publishing company empowers authors by providing them with a platform to share their narratives, experiences, and expertise.
  2. Creating Opportunities: We recognize the importance of diverse perspectives within the literary world. By partnering with authors from the foster care and adoption community, we aim to create opportunities for these voices to be recognized and celebrated.
  3. Amplifying Voices: Through our publishing efforts, we are dedicated to amplifying the voices of authors who have a deep connection to foster care and adoption. We strive to bring their vision to reality, ensuring that their stories reach a wider audience and make a meaningful impact.
  4. Fostering Education and Awareness: Many foster care and adoption stories are not only powerful but also educational. Our publishing company seeks to raise awareness and promote understanding of the complexities and experiences within these communities.
  5. Supporting Aspiring Authors: We are committed to providing aspiring authors with the guidance, editorial support, and resources necessary to navigate the publishing process successfully. Our goal is to make the journey from manuscript to published book as smooth and fulfilling as possible.

Foster Focus's publishing company is a vital extension of our mission to support and uplift the voices of individuals with connections to foster care and adoption. By collaborating with authors and helping them bring their stories to life, we aim to create a more inclusive and empathetic literary landscape that honors the richness of their experiences and insights.