Foster Films Channel to Debut on IndieFlix

Kids In The Spotlight Foster Youth Filmmakers To Celebrate Launch of Dedicated Showcase on IndieFlix Streaming Platform

Kids In The Spotlight (K.I.T.S.) will unveil the launch of their new dedicated IndieFlix Streaming channel with a triple-feature and live panel, spotlighting the foster youth filmmakers on Friday, December 18th at 6 p.m. PST/ 9 p.m. EST . The three featured short films will be Heaven’s Hard Pitches, Love Just Is and Cyverius . Please visit the all-new streaming channel at: IndieFlix’s Foster Film channel will be the permanent home to showcase the raw, honest and beautiful industry-standard films written by, produced and starring talented alumni of K.I.T.S. IndieFlix will kick off the channel with 15 titles, which will expand to 75 over the coming weeks, and will constantly be supplemented as more films are produced.

For over a decade, K.I.T.S. has been working with hundreds of foster youth in a series of 10-week transformative screenwriting and filmmaking courses. From crafting their unique and personal stories into a screenplay, to figuring out how to cast, audition for and manage the stages of production, to working with award-winning directors and film crews, these films represent incredible journeys for these underprivileged young people.

“When we started this journey in 2009, our goal was to give a voice to the talents and truths of an under-served group that is often overlooked and voiceless,” said Tige Charity, Executive Director and Founder of K.I.T.S. “We never imagined, all of this time later, that we would have our own channel to give these voices the platform they’ve earned and deserve.”

Long-time K.I.T.S. Ambassador Ty Burrell, who is very supportive of the launch said " ”After years of showing their capabilities as storytellers to the KITS community, these amazing young people will now have their own channel to let the rest of the world know. I’m just so happy for them. And for you all to see how special these kids are."

“The honor is truly ours to have the opportunity to showcase the eye-opening talent and creativity of these foster youth,” said Scilla Andreen, CEO & Co-Founder of IndieFlix. “We stand by our belief that film is the most powerful medium to change lives and change the world. It was a natural fit for us to ‘adopt’ the initial 75 titles into our library of content with a purpose.”

Love Just Is is a joyful exploration of the most important family ingredient. Heaven Hard Pitches is a glimpse into family reunification. Cyverius is a story about two brave young scientists who travel to a foreign planet in search of a cure to save the world from a global pandemic. Screenwriters and actors Billy Jones, Asia Johnson, Kellee Stewart and Director, Alfonso McAuley, will join us at the live event to talk about their films and their life-changing experiences. For more information about K.I.T.S., please visit

About Kids In The Spotlight

Kids In The Spotlight’s mission is to help foster youth confront, address, and overcome their psychological, emotional, and developmental trauma through transformative filmmaking—providing them with the skills needed to maintain employment, pursue higher education, and become stable and productive members of society. To learn more about Kids In The Spotlight and how your donation will combat crises such as homelessness, incarceration, sex trafficking, unemployment, and mental health issues, please visit

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